3rd Edition CFO Leadership Summit & Awards 2024

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Empowering CFOs: Navigating Uncertainty, Driving Growth, Building Resilience.

CFO Conference aims to build Resilient CFO Leaders to Navigate Uncertainty and Foster Faster Business Growth with India Aiming to be a 5 Trillion Economy by 2030, CFO need to emerge as Resilient Leaders with Growth Mindsets to Navigate the Uncertainty and Generate Faster Business Growth.

Right leadership and vision can help CFO’s position organisations for success in a rapidly evolving business environment and make India’s Ambitious Economic Goals a Reality. To support the Vision they need to make Investment Decisions that help Businesses to run profitably & Sector wise contribute positively to the GDP Of the Indian Economy. Entering 2023, CFO’s focus is to invest in sustainable business models and progress towards long-term growth goals.

Who should attend?

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Directors/VPs/Head


Financial Managers/Analysts

Audit Professionals

Finance Consultants/Advisors

Investment Professionals

Why to attend?

Networking Opportunities

CFO conferences bring together professionals from various industries and sectors. Networking at these events allows you to connect with peers, potential clients, industry experts, and even potential employers.

Industry Insights and Trends

CFO conferences often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that focus on current trends, challenges, and best practices in finance and accounting.

Professional Development

Many CFO conferences offer sessions specifically designed to enhance professional skills and knowledge. Whether it’s learning about new accounting standards, financial technologies, or leadership strategies, these events provide valuable opportunities for professional development and growth.

Access to Experts and Thought Leaders

CFO conferences often attract top industry experts and thought leaders who share their expertise and experiences during keynote presentations and panel discussions. Engaging with these experts allows you to learn from their insights, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of key issues facing finance professionals today.

Exposure to New Technologies and Solutions

Finance is an evolving field, and staying abreast of the latest technologies and solutions is crucial for success. Many CFO conferences feature exhibitions or sponsor showcases where you can learn about innovative tools, software, and services that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and drive business performance.

Professional Recognition and Visibility

Attending and participating in CFO conferences can enhance your professional reputation and visibility within the industry. Speaking on panels, presenting research, or even just actively participating in discussions can help establish you as a thought leader and expert in your field.

Inspiration and Motivation

Conferences are not only about learning new skills or networking; they can also provide inspiration and motivation. Hearing success stories, overcoming challenges, and sharing experiences with like-minded professionals can reignite your passion for your work and provide fresh perspectives on your own professional journey.

Benchmarking and Peer Learning

CFO conferences offer opportunities to benchmark your organization’s performance against industry standards and learn from the experiences of your peers.

Why to Sponsor?

Brand Visibility

CFO events typically attract a targeted audience of finance professionals, including CFOs, controllers, financial analysts, and other decision-makers. Sponsoring such an event gives your brand visibility to a highly relevant audience, increasing awareness and recognition among potential clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Networking Opportunities

Sponsoring a CFO event provides ample networking opportunities with attendees, including finance executives, industry experts, and potential business partners.

Thought Leadership

Many CFO events offer opportunities for sponsors to showcase their expertise and thought leadership in the finance industry. This may include speaking engagements, panel discussions, or hosting educational sessions where sponsors can share insights, best practices, and innovative solutions with attendees.

Lead Generation

CFO events can be an effective platform for lead generation, allowing sponsors to collect contact information from interested attendees and follow up with them after the event. This can help drive sales and business growth by connecting with potential clients or customers who have expressed interest in your products or services.

Product or Service Promotion

Sponsoring a CFO event provides a platform to showcase your organization’s products or services to a targeted audience of finance professionals. This can include exhibiting at the event, sponsoring specific sessions or networking events, or distributing marketing materials to attendees.

Market Research and Insights

Sponsoring a CFO event gives your organization the opportunity to gain insights into market trends, challenges, and opportunities within the finance industry. Engaging with attendees and participating in discussions can provide valuable feedback and help shape your organisation’s strategies and offerings.

Brand Association and Credibility

By associating your brand with a reputable CFO event, you can enhance your organisation’s credibility and reputation within the finance industry. Sponsoring such an event demonstrates your commitment to supporting the professional development and advancement of finance professionals, which can positively impact how your brand is perceived by customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Customized Branding Opportunities

Many CFO events offer customizable sponsorship packages that allow sponsors to tailor their involvement to meet their specific marketing objectives and budget. This may include opportunities for logo placement, branding on event materials, sponsored content, or exclusive networking events.

Individual Award Categories

CFO of the Year

Future CFO of the Year

Young CFO of the Year (30-40)

CFO Dynamic Team Leader of the Year

Woman CFO Innovation Leader of the Year

CFO Innovation in Sustained Wealth Creation

CFO Innovation in Liquidity Management

CFO Innovation Leader In Business Partnering

CFO Innovation in Cost Management

CFO Innovation in Performance Management

CFO Innovation in Treasury and Capital Markets

CFO Innovation in Corporate Finance

CFO Innovation in Investor Relations

CFO Innovation in Risk Management

CFO Innovation in Financial Systems and Automation 

CFO Innovation in Procurement and Supply Chain

Finance CFO Innovation in Compliance and Governance

CFO Innovation in Auditing and Internal controls

CFO Innovation in Tax Planning and Compliance

CFO Innovation in Fraud Detection and Prevention

CFO Innovation in Treasury Management

CFO Innovation in Private Equity and Venture Capital

CFO Innovation in Environmental, Social, Governance CFO Innovation in Sustainability

Virtual CFO of the Year

Organizational Award Categories

Best Finance Strategy of the Year

Best FinTech Organization of the Year

Best Wealth Management Strategy of the Year

Most Innovative Finance Team of the Year

Innovative ESG Strategy of the Year

Best Customer Strategy of the Year

Best Payment Processor of the Year

Best Payments Start-up of the Year

Best Mobile Payments Solution of the Year

Best Sustainability Initiative in Fintech

Best Innovative Payment Solution

Best Use of Ai in Fintech

Best Online Payments Solution of the Year

Best Payments App of the Year

Innovative Use of Technology in Fintech

Best Contactless Payments Project

Fintech Company of the Year

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Join us at 2nd Edition CFO Leadership Summit & Awards 2024

CFO Conference aims to build Resilient CFO Leaders to Navigate Uncertainty and Foster Faster Business Growth with India Aiming to be a 5 Trillion Economy by 2030, CFO need to emerge as Resilient Leaders with Growth Mindsets to Navigate the Uncertainty and Generate Faster Business Growth.